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Leather Wallet Care Tips

Leather Wallet Care Tips – Why should you care for your Leather Wallet?

When you’ve purchased a new leather wallet, you want it to last as long as possible. To keep your leather wallet in pristine condition, here are our top tips to care for your wallet – and to keep it looking brand new for years to come.

In order to keep your leather wallet slim and strong, whilst remaining stylish, there are certain things you must do. Whilst saving money and materials, caring for your leather wallet means you don’t have to purchase a new one.

Avoid Overstuffing your Leather Wallet

One of the most common mistakes is overstuffing your wallet. The sad realisation is that all your receipts, as well as cash, cannot fit into a slim wallet. By filling it up you are stretching the leather grain and ruining the seamless look of your wallet. Once done, this process cannot be reversed and you would evidently have to buy another.

Tidy your wallet every so often, getting rid of any expired coupons or old recipients, and ensuring everything is where its supposed to be. Taking care of your wallet will help prolong the leather and leave it looking new for years to come.

Don’t Sit on your Wallet

We all like to keep our wallets in our back pocket, this is fine as long as they are taken out before sitting down. It’s easy to forget, but if you feel that uncomfortable pain, it’s probably your wallet being squished! The pressure of your weight sitting on your wallet adds enormous stress to the leather, the seams as well as your credit cards. Do yourself and your wallet a favour, don’t sit on it!

Use the correct Cleaning Products

Just like our skin, leather is a natural product that requires attention to last as long as possible. Dirt, moisture and dust are the three most harmful elements to your leather wallet, so keeping on top of cleaning is very important.

Cleaning Dirt/Dust

Cleaning dirt and dust from leather is incredibly easy. It is recommended that you clean it with a damp cloth as soon as you notice some dirt on your wallet. If the dirt has turned into a stain, take some leather cleaner and that should do the trick.

Getting rid of Moisture

If you get caught in the rain the chances are your wallet is wet too. Removing water from leather can be tricky, but with these few simple steps, it will be back to new in no time.

Gently wipe the wet surface with a dry, clean cloth and then leave it to dry at room temperature. When allowing to dry, make sure the wallet is closed, this is to ensure it lays flat when folded. Once letting your wallet dry for at least one hour, insert a credit card on each side of the billfold to help keep the leathers shape. The worst thing you can do is blow dry your leather wallet. Exposing the wallet to extreme heat conditions will cause the leather to wrinkle.

Adding Moisture

Alternatively, if your leather wallet is starting to show cracks, this may mean it is too dry. Adding a little moisture is sometimes necessary for leather in order to keep it smooth and soft. Purchase a decent leather moisturiser or cream and gently apply to the wallet. The moisture in the cream will be the right amount for the leather and should remove any dry cracks.

If you’re looking to start fresh with a brand new leather wallet, we have a stunning range to choose from!

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