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Top Tips on Journal Writing

Top Tips on Journal Writing

Do you want to write a journal but don’t know where to start? Read our top tips on journal writing to help you begin!

Choose your journal

“A journal is a diary of your life. Who you are, who you were with, and where you want to go.”

Overall journals are very intimate and personal. The type of journal you choose should express who you are as a person. A great way to do this is with a personalised leather journal.

Our beautifully elegant handmade journals can be personalised with your choice of initials, names or special message. You can also incorporate your own designs or images into its creation. Whether you add a favourite photo or a much-loved piece of artwork.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, you can create a journal which is personalised every step of the way.

Date your entry

Dating your entries is a must! Although You may think you will remember when it happened, without a written date, you might forget.

Tell the truth

The journal is a record of how you felt and what you did. Telling the truth is therefore an import part of journal writing… plus if its only yourself who will read it, whats holding you back?

Don’t forget the details

Record details like the time, location, who you were with, what you were wearing. Details will help bring the memory alive. The trick to recording details, is to think of the five senses.. what could you smell? how did it feel? What could you hear? What did you see? What could you taste?

Express your feelings

What you were thinking? Were you mad? Sad? Happy? Write down why.

Write a little or a lot

There are no restrictions to journal writing, you can writ a little or a lot. It can be a few words that describe what happened, a few sentences about the highlight of your day, or it can be a short description of an event from your day.

Whether you start each day with a journal entry or write when the moment takes you, ensure that the experience of writing is a luxurious one, with our selection of Personalised Leather Journals.

To create yours, please click here!

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